The Dirty Truth

April 13, 2010


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The Dirty Truth

Hockey and Puck Bunnies, a true sub-culture



Warning this book contains highly sexual material.


This book brings to light, sex in hockey, and how common group sex has become over the past several years. It contains confessional short stories from various Puck Bunnies, player's girlfriends, players and fans. I wrote this book to open peoples eyes to the new “Media Generation” of teenagers that openly participate in group sex. I do not form any opinions and have left it up to the readers to form their own opinions and views on the book and how they feel towards this sub-culture.


Some girls are proud of their sexual exploits with hockey players and many of the player's girlfriends talk about how they deal with the rumours and the Puck Bunnies. The players discuss the Puck Bunnies, as well as the fans and stalkers.


This book contains real truths of a sub-culture that was, is and will likely continue to happen, in the world of sports and foremost hockey.


The content is written in a non-judgemental way and with no sarcasm or finger pointing.


The book may be a hard read and difficult for some to swallow, but, believe you me, this sub-culture exists, even if the players change from year to year.


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